Breast feeding and sleep disorders: Guest Post from 2017 Greater Lansing Baby Fair Sponsor Susan Maples, DDS

24 Apr 2017

Got Milk?

It’s estimated that 25% of kids suffer from some level of sleep disorder.  That’s a big deal considering lack of sleep is associated with a multitude of health concerns: significant behavioral problems, headaches, ADHD diagnosis, and learning disabilities. Also, the growth hormone is formed during sleep, so if your kiddo has disruptive sleep it may influence their overall growth.

With many sleep disorders resulting from a narrowed airway—our eyes turn to a lack of breast suckling as a contributing factor. 

Supplements for Pregnancy Milestones and Labor

30 Jan 2017

One important thing to get right is taking a prenatal vitamin in conjunction with a real food diet. You should be able to get a free prescription from your healthcare provider. However, many women experience nausea and do not absorb the nutrients from these brands of vitamins. They also can contain some artificial additives. Even if they are free or less expensive, the overall value may be less if your baby cannot get the nutrients they need or if they are getting harmful ingredients along with the vitamins and minerals.