How The NICU Changed My Life

30 Sep 2014

            I had all but reconciled myself with the fact that was I wasn’t ever going to be a dad. I was 42, newly remarried, and Cori and I were very happy with the life we were establishing for ourselves. We both enjoyed our careers, our on-again off-again running and bike riding, our quiet evenings at home reading, watching The Office reruns, and eating take-out. When we began discussing “trying,” I let a glimmer of hope enter my heart.

EPO, MSU Family Resource Center, and Willow Tree Family Center Proudly Present The Milky Way: Breastfeeding Documentary

10 Jul 2014

You asked for it, and we are bringing it!

In Greek Mythology, Hera’s breastmilk created the Milky Way.

In the new millennium, nursing mothers started a revolution.

EPO, The MSU Family Resource Center, and Willow Tree Family Center bring you a FREE community screening!


11 May 2014

Have you ever wondered about treating your family more naturally using alternatives such as herbs, homeopathics, and other ingedients?  As consumers of modern medical care, we've all had the experience with side effects that accompany conventional medicines.  This past week, Paula Johnson taught a class at the Willow Tree where we learned how to put together your own natural first aide kit using herbs, homeopathics, and ingredients from your own kitchen.  These remedies are safe and effective but without the side effects.