Soiree 2018

Willow Tree Family Center hosts the Lansing Baby Fair!

2 Mar 2015

The Lansing Baby Fair is back!

Come and join us at the #1 event for all things baby and todder!  Are you pregnant?  Thinking of becoming pregnant? Have a baby or toddler? This fair is for you!  Come enjoy attractions such as a Mommy Makeover or Babywearing Corner, or learn at one of our workshops such as the car seat demonstration or Stories on the Move!  Browse over 40 different baby-related vendors!

If You Think My Hands Are Full, You Should See My Heart

7 Nov 2014

This blog is submitted by a local mama in honor of National Adoption Month.

Dawn is breaking and daylight is slowly creeping in through the bedroom windows. I lay here in bed, staring at my 19 month old who is sleeping, his head resting on my chest. I admire his caramel colored skin and the floppy curls on the top of his head, neither of which he inherited from myself or my husband. Still, from the bottom of our hearts, he is our son.