Empowered Childbirth Series - Series 5

Empowering Childbirth Series

Join us for an in-depth, comprehensive series focused on empowering you through knowledge as you prepare for the birth of your precious child. Our series is broken up into individual segments which can be taken individually, but the greatest benefit comes from enrolling into the entire series.

Know your Options: Hands-on Birthing Classes

We will cover what you need to know about labor in this four-week course. This course focuses on evidence-based practices, so while we do discuss natural childbirth, we will also talk about options in the hospital for interventions, and when they are be medically indicated. These classes are great no matter where you plan to birth.

Class topics include:

• The physiology and anatomy of pregnancy

• When it is appropriate to call your provider

• The stages of labor

• How to measure your progress through labor

• Tips and hints for achieving natural birth

• Positions for labor and birth

• Pain management for both during labor and birth

• Avoiding pain medication & making your best decision

• Partner support

• Coping techniques including:

• Relaxation, breathing exercises, attention focusing, visualization, use of a birth ball, positions, rebozo, and more!

Registration Information: 

The fee is $160 for mom and 1 support person.


Suggested Audience: 
3333 S. Pennsylvania Ave Ste 101
48910 Lansing , MI