Birth Class #2

These four labor classes are part of the Empowering Childbirth Series, an an in-depth comprehensive series focused on empowering you through knowledge as you prepare for the birth of your precious baby. Our series is broken up into separate segments which can be taken individually but the greatest benefit comes from taking the entire series. Price is per segment (this segment is four classes) and includes mom and support person. 10% discount given for those who sign up for the entire three segment series. 

Hands-on Birthing Classes (Know Your Options) - Segment 2
We will cover what you need to know for labor in this four week class. Topics include everything from the basic physiology of labor to information on what to expect in both hospital and home birth settings. We will talk about your options in the hospital for interventions, and when they may be medically indicated. Our last class focuses on hands-on comfort measure techniques including relaxation, breathing, attention focusing, visualization, rebozo and more! 

Price: $160 for all four classes

Class dates are:
July 16th
July 18th
July 23rd
July 25th

Contact Mother's Heart Birthing Services for more information.