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25 Nov 2015

The Newborn Group was crucial to my sanity as a first time mom with a newborn. I was experienceing a lot of difficlt emotions after my desire for a natural birth resulted in an urgent C-section and separation of my baby from me at birth. Subsequent tribulations with nursing (resulting in me becaoming an exclusive pumper of breastmilk with no direct nursing relationship) made me feel even more grief over things not working out as I had orignially envisioned them. 

Mitzi, the group facilitator, and the group of new moms, was my saving grace as a circle of support I didn't have anywhere else. My emotions were heard, felt, and accepted. It was the first place where my expression of grief wasn't met with dimishing comments of, "At least you have a healthy baby" or "Why don't you just use formula - it would be easier!" This is my journey, and while others may not feel the same as me and make other choices than me, it was SO valuable to feel heard and validated.

Mamas openly nursed their babies and I bottle fed my baby. Mams changed their cloth diapered baby and I changed my disposable diapered baby. I felt no judgement, and I felt so welcome.

After I went back to work, I took time off to attend this meeting wiht my baby, then eventually by myself (to not interrupt my baby's naptime) because the support was that awesome.

And also, as I became a more experienced mom, I felt I was finally able to offer support back to the group. I highly recommend this group to any new mom, with our first or fifth child.

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