Willow Tree helps ease the stress and fill the gaps in support for new parents who may feel overwhelmed, isolated, or depressed

25 Nov 2015

I have taken care of kids for years, worked at a daycare for seven years, nannies for years... but I wouldn't have made it through becoming a mom without Willow Tree! I have struggled as it is, and I was involuntarily hospitalized for Postpartum Depression in January. If I didn't have Willow Tree, who knows where I would be! 

I remember getting out of the hospital and the next day going to the Newborn Group with Mitzi and just crying about how awful it was. It was great to have moms who could understand and listen. 

My son's whole life has revolved around Willow Tree since he was born. Almost all his friends he has met through Willow Tree. I'm just not sure what ou life would look like if there was no Willow Tree.

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