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25 Nov 2015

I'm French, and all of my family lives outside the U.S. My husband is American, but his family lives out of state. So when I found out I was pregnant, I knew we would have to raise our child without any outside support.

However, I am convinced it takes a village to raise a child, and fortunately, I found one here: Willow Tree Family Center is my village.

After attending some prenatal classes at Willow Tree, I was able to connect with multiple medical partners, including those in the midwifery world as well as those coming from traditional medical backgrounds. Being knowledgeable helped me make informed decisions during my pregnancy, and choices were open to me I don't think would have been otherwise.

Since I've given birth, both my husband and I have attended many groups at Willow Tree offers, ranging from newborn and movers groups to the dads group.

I have been able to embrace motherhood in the best way possible thanks to the resources available at Willow Tree. I am extrememly lucky that I have found them. And they helped me prepare every step of the way for the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken. Thank you, Willow Tree, for everything.

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