What Makes Us Different?

21 May 2013

In January 2013, we were incorporated and by mid-2013, Willow Tree Family Center became a registered nonprofit organization who supports pregnant mothers and young families in Lansing and the surrounding area.

But we are more than just one thing…

We are a RESOURCE CENTER. We believe in education and informed consent and that knowledge is power. We work to provide evidence-based resources to parents and families on all subjects revolving around pregnancy, birth, parenting, and child-rearing. We believe that families operate within a much larger context, and the systems of health care, education, and social services which directly influence the family must work together in harmony in order to achieve the most successful results. Many families are not even aware of the resources that already exsist in our community.  Because of this, we hope to gather resources from all these silos in one place and support families as they make medical and educational decisions for their families.

We are a COMMUNITY SPACE for consultations with alternative health care providers such as massage therapists and doulas. We provide space for support groups, mom groups, various classes, and events. We provide space for already existing birth and baby groups, such as the Le Leche League, to hold meetings and workshops.  Each of these programs and groups serve a different population and fill a different need in our community.

We are an ADVOCACY GROUP to speak up for young children and families. We work to make change in education by advocating for early childhood programs. We work to make change in hospitals by advocating for the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative. We work to make change in families by advocating for peaceful and healthy parenting skills. We work to make change in politics by being vocal with our beliefs and the research. We work to make change locally by bringing resources to both urban and rural areas. And we work to make change for parents by offering support in all areas, from breastfeeding to foster care.

We are an EDUCATIONAL GROUP who provides classes, programs, and events where there are gaps in the Lansing area. We will fill in where the health care, education, or social systems may have left off. We focus on healthy living and practices that are proven to result in a positive impact. We provide programs such as mom-to-mom mentoring, programs for fathers, groups for foster and adoptive parents, and other long-term activities.

We are a CHARITY who will provide scholarships for classes and consultations to families who may not be able to afford them. We will participate in charity projects such as the Dresser Ministry to provide baby items to families in need.