Volunteer for our Annual Soiree!

8 Jun 2016

Three reasons to volunteer for the Willow Tree annual Soirée

The first time I interacted with anyone from Willow Tree Family Center, one of the board members gave me a magnet about breastmilk storage and told me that Willow Tree was just getting started and I should come to a group. So I did. And the people were nice, and I loved what Willow Tree was doing for me as a new parent, and I wanted to do something in return. So, I filled out the online form to volunteer and clicked yes to the Soirée committee. Fast forward almost three years, and I have racked up countless hours spent with my Willow Tree Family, almost all of which I spent with my actual family (because they come too!), too many memories to note, and a real community of people raising families along side my own in the Greater Lansing area. And to think it all started with an online form!

Here are the top three reasons to volunteer for our soirée committee in 2016.

1. It's good for you!

Volunteering and giving back makes us happy, which is good for overall health. It also made me very emotionally healthy, as it helped me forge new friendships with families I am certain will be in our lives for ever. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction as I saw the hard work that our team put in come to fruition, and I learned about the workings of a non-profit and how success really depends on the hard work of the volunteers. I am part of something!

2. It's good for our community

Willow Tree provides resources for pregnant women and young families from all over the Greater Lansing area.

If you've ever attended a group, class, clinic, or meeting at Willow Tree, you will know some of the important work we do. We are ALL part of the Willow Tree Family. By volunteering for our annual soirée committee, you help to raise the funds that pay our rent, allowing services to continue and our doors to stay open.

In addition, volunteering for the committee strengthens us by bringing together people from different backgrounds, with different connections and ideas to continue propelling Willow Tree forward.

3. You make a difference

You are important. Your contribution is important. As part of our soirée committee, you are valued and part of a team who will work together on all aspects of making our soirée a success. Food, donations, activities, marketing, ideas, collecting: whatever you can contribute, we appreciate and thank you.

Need more reasons? Check out the pics from our past soirées, then click the link, fill out the form, and get started!