Minimize Your Pregnancy Symptoms with Food

23 Jan 2017

Now, let’s now  talk about those negative aspects of pregnancy like constipation, nausea, swelling, morning sickness, cramping, and stretchmarks! I’m sure these aren’t topics you really want to talk about, but there are easy ways that they can potentially be avoided.

Magnesium is a great place to start. Over 90% of us are magnesium deficient. Taking magnesium is a great way to minimize symptoms of constipation, leg cramping, restless legs, moodiness, sleeplessness, and potentially nausea. Also, the following recommendations are great to use during the premenstrual phase of your cycle since you may experience similar symptoms during that time. I personally dealt with many of these symptoms in my first trimester and postpartum as my cycles have tried to regulate, and magnesium has helped a great deal. There are products you can mix into water like Natural Calm or a topical spray like Ancient Minerals that can help. Some magnesium-rich foods are cauliflower, dark leafy greens, chocolate (70% cocoa or higher), pumpkin seeds and avocados. My husband and I love making buffalo sauce roasted cauliflower.


Stretchmarks are one thing that women definitely seem to want to avoid in pregnancy. By consuming collagen peptides, you can try to prevent stretch marks. It is the most abundant protein our bodies have. Plus, collagen provides the building blocks for your baby’s bones, skin, nails, hair and teeth. As we lose collagen with age or are under stress (like pregnancy), our skin becomes susceptible to losing elasticity. So, making bone broths or supplementing with collagen peptides such as the one from Vital Proteins is great. Adding other proteins and Vitamin C can support collagen production as well. I love making smoothies with berries that are packed with Vitamin C and adding 1-2 scoops of collagen to them, especially for a late night treat. I also love 100% real fruit powders like Camu Camu for Vitamin C opposed to synthetic pills or drinks. Vitamin C also supports our adrenal glands and energy, which we desperately need while creating another human.


Taking vitamin B6 or ginger can help with nausea. I found having some sugar-free ginger candies were very helpful if I started to feel nauseous on the go, and then, I stocked my desk at work with ginger tea as well. You can either find a high quality Vitamin B6 pill, or you can incorporate more B6 rich foods into your diet. Some great foods are beef, turkey, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and avocados. If you are feeling ill, meat stews, hummus, guacamole, or sunflower seed butter offer some comforting ways to enjoy these nutrient dense foods.


Finally, swelling towards the end of pregnancy can be minimized by eating adequate protein and drinking enough water. Collagen, as suggested above, is a great start, especially if meat or eggs doesn’t seem appealing while you are pregnant. Check out these recipes for a sweet collagen green smoothie or banana collagen pancakes for recipe ideas. Depending on your size and trimester, you will probably need 4-5 servings of protein, and a serving is the size of your palm. Eggs, lentils, meats, full-fat high quality dairy, fish, and nuts are great sources. If you are thinking about consuming protein powders, make sure you read the label for the actual protein content, added sugars, and any preservatives it may contain. With any supplement to your diet, you should consult your healthcare provider. Water is so important as well. Make sure you are getting at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Your body is creating blood and fluids for your baby, and this really helps. Plus, by drinking more, your body can flush out what it doesn’t need instead of feeling like a camel that needs to store up to make it through a drought. 



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