Midwifery Matters!

17 Mar 2014

Meet one of our Platinum Sponsor's for this year's baby fair!  Midwifery Matters is opening a Birth Center in Greenville, Michigan this July.

Have you wanted another option for birth beside the traditional hospital birth or home birth. Women deserve more than what our current maternity system has to offer.  Since there is no free standing birth center in the area, there is a need more than ever to have another midwifery owned and operated birth center in mid-Michigan.  I am proud to start Midwifery Matters, a place where women can birth in a home like environment minutes from the local hospital in Greenville.  As being a Certified Nurse Midwife, I strive to offer full scope midwifery care including home births, birth center deliveries, well women care, gynecological services, childbirth education, lactation counseling, newborn care, preconception counseling, and much more.  This center will be a place for women and their families to receive high quality care for preconception, pregnancy, and beyond.  
      Midwifery Matters is about an hour from Lansing, perfect driving distance for having a more natural, individualized pregnancy experience.  Birth is a precious, life altering experience and women should be empowered, cherished, and supported during this time.  The center will be opening the door July 1st for birth center deliveries and currently accepting new clients.  Please don't hesitate to call and learn what something more can look like for your pregnancy.  Please visit my website and contact me at www.midwifery-matters.com.  Even if you just contact to give feedback and suggestions for making this center great, please don't hesitate to write.  Thank you. Leslie Cornwell, CNM